Established in 1973 a New Delhi based GROUP of Companies, the MANGLA GROUP is famous all over the world including India as one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and traders of steel handles for buckets and containers, with a wide range of exclusive metal wire hangers for garments. We also have decent reach to domestic market with other traditional products of house cleaning (floor wiper, floor duster, grass broom, mops & mopers). We have recently introduced a unique range of products & accessories for drying clothes (Cloth Drying Hanger, cloth clip, rope etc.) We are a distinguished brand in our line of products. With our vast experience and wide range we cater to diverse industry & consumer needs including government supplies.read more…

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Products Customization

Customization for bulk orders, corporate gifting, institutional sales If you need more information on this, please email or call – our knowledgeable staff is always at your service. We offer a variety of standard and custom options. We assemble-to-order handles & hangers to give you the most control over your product. Build your handles & hangers by selecting the design, shapes, hook, hanger, notch and grips.

Size does matter when you are selecting the right hanger for your store or showroom. We carry a selection to fit every need. Customize your handles with different shapes and sizes for a variety of buckets, containers and pails. Print your name or logo on the hangers. Printing on your hangers enhances the appearance and reinforces branding.