Cloth Drying Hangers

A unique way to take care of your garments…

Minimum Space Maximum Utilization – With growing family needs there is scarcity of space either in metro cities or small towns leading to the big problem of drying clothes. This product is best suited for people living in apartments or not HAVING terrace to dry clothes. You may use this product in balcony or veranda.

Durable & Rust free surface – This product is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel thereby eliminating all chances of rusting due to climatic conditions or otherwise. This makes it very suitable for use in coastal areas and wet/moist conditions. Hence your clothes are always away FROM rust stains.
Safety of your clothes – When we dry clothes in the open under bright sunlight the color of your clothes fade away. This product will give you a very safe way of drying cloths in the shade so that your cloths always retain their original colors and look good for a long time.

Weather is no worry – If you are a working couple you don’t have to alter your schedule of washing clothes due to dark clouds & rains. As you can dry your clothes in a shady or covered area with the help of this product it is very useful in rainy and winter season. You may also dry your clothes with this product when there is dust & wind outside.
Traditional Vs Modern – We are in the habit of drying clothes in the open on the terrace. Due to practical reasons it is becoming difficult to follow that traditional method. Adopt the modern style of drying clothes under the shade by using our unique product.


Economical, Useful and Elegant – While designing this product both quality & price have been the main concerned areas. Therefore stainless steel is used to give it a long life. Even the hangers are made FROM stainless steel that gives you satisfaction and peace of mind.

Eco-Friendly – Clean & non-toxic materials used in the product are recyclable in an eco-friendly manner thus posing no threat to the environment after the product is disposed off once its usable life is over. We support the cause of environmental protection and thus do not use processes that cause pollution.


The problems of lack of open spaces and highly unpredictable weather conditions of our country gave birth to the concept of Spacee. It works on the simple mechanism of a pulley lever, utilizing the otherwise wasted ceiling space and is very easy to install. The equipment is attached to the ceiling of the house which when required can be pulled down or up using the rope. The product takes up minimal space and since it is mounted up on the ceiling it solves the purpose without disturbing the harmony of your décor

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